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Frankie Palmeri Wrote A Song About Me on the New EMMURE Album

Posted by on April 14, 2014 at 4:05 pm

Hi Frankie! We've written a lot about Emmure over the last few years, and I felt like the interview I conducted with Frankie at Mayhem Fest last summer really let me see a new side of him, and sort of understand where he's coming from. In case you missed it:

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After the interview was conducted, I played back the whole thing to my buds on the Metal Injection Livecast #220 – Dudecast. I guess Frankie must have a Google alert or something because he listened to the podcast, where my co-hosts implied that I could take Frankie in a fight. Ultimately, I agreed, but I was mainly saying I was not intimidated by him.

This must've offended Frankie deeply, because on the new Emmure album, Eternal Enemies, Frankie wrote an entire song about me called "Free Publicity." Here is the track, if you dare:

And one quick look at the lyrics and you could see, much like a girl who doesn't get a call back after what she assumed was a great date, Frankie was really upset with my "cowardly ways."

It's becoming quite clear
I've dug myself a little deeper it seems
And there's no way out
Unless I die
Just to get you off the fucking back
Leave me alone, I'm only human
I never said that we're perfect
I'm saying sorry but it seems you only care for my faults
So I'm taking it back, now I don't give a fuck

You two-faced fucking coward
Why don't you say it to my face?

I bet you won't
Yeah you're just lucky that I'm someone with so much to lose
I bet you won't
Now I know better than to
Talk to someone who's so weak and so spineless
Remember without me your life doesn't mean shit

You fucking coward
Why don't you hate yourself?

Even BETTER, I and my Livecast co-hosts, Darren and Sid have been immortalized forever in an Emmure track as Frankie sampled all three of our voices to make it sound like I (or somebody) says "One punch to this guy and I'll absolutely knock him the fuck out." Here is the exact part where the sample comes in:

This is followed by Frankie yelling "Bring it. Give me your best shot."

Look, Frankie, I have no interest in fighting you because I have nothing to prove. Rather, I would like to thank you. I'm flattered that something I did inspired you to write a new Emmure song, and even more flattered that my voice has been immortalized in an Emmure song. The ultimate flattery comes in the realization that you sat there and listened to an episode of the Metal Injection Livecast just to hear what we said about you.

Thanks for the "free publicity" Frankie!


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