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Former SIX FEET UNDER Guitarist Busted For Meth Lab

What the hell is going on in heavy metal this week?! Former Obituary/Six Feet Under guitarist Allen West was busted recently for having a meth lab…and that's not even the best part of the story!  

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Mike "Gunface" McKenzie alerted me of the story, which actually happened on March 27th but fell under the radar. The best part of the story is that West himself called the cops after two unidentified males broke into his house. West ran out into the woods and when cops arrived, he himself requested they search his place. That's when things get interesting, as reported by the Tri-County Sun Times:

West requested the Deputies search his residence for possible subjects. During the search Deputies noticed a strong acidic odor emitting from the master bedroom. Deputies then discovered in the master bedroom and bathroom plastic soda bottles with tubing protruding from them. The bottles also had a wet white pasty substance in the bottles and on the bathroom and bedroom counters. These items are commonly used in the manufacturing of methamphetamine.

West initially tried to claim that the two burglars were the ones cooking meth in his house, later admitting that he cooked and smoked meth two weeks before the incident. As of the writing, West was arrested and being held on $40,000 bond. Lambgoat reports he is currently incarcerated Sumter County Jail in Bushnell, FL.

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