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Former KILLSWITCH ENGAGE Singer Howard Jones Reveals He Was In A Coma For Three Days

So we all knew that Howard Jones, formerly of Killswitch Engage, was a type-2 diabetes sufferer. What we didn't know was that the dude was in a 3-day coma because of it very recently.

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According to Jones-

Finding out you're diabetic is pretty dramatic. I just started feeling weird, and then I started getting really clumsy. I fell down some stars and broke a finger, then fell down some other stairs and broke a toe. Then I collapsed. I was in a coma for three days. They basically told me I had the highest sugar level they'd ever seen. Afterwards, they told me I had a 50/50 chance of coming out with brain damage.

It's amazing he remembers any detail of the incident, but it's awesome to see that at the very least he's alright. No word on the brain damage thing or the broken bones, but he's awake and that's what matters the most. here's to hoping that Jones and his doctors figured out how to prevent another incident like that, since diabetic comas are pretty damn serious.

Jones is currently working on a new project with members of All Shall Perish and Devolved.

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