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Footage of WINDS OF PLAGUE Performing In Blackface From 2005 Resurfaces

winds of plague blackface

Winds of Plague are the latest band whose past actions are being brought up in light of the recent ongoing conversation around the Black Lives Matter protests.

On June 1st, the band's official Twitter account tweeted "Equality for all people! No one should die for the color or their skin!" followed by emoji in different skin tones displaying the fist. In light of the comment, some fans (or perhaps haters) pointed out to MetalSucks that the band performed a Halloween show in 2005 with singer Johnny Plague and one of the guitarists wearing black face.

Apparently, the band was trying to portray Wu-Tang Clan, and frontman Johnny Plague can be seen with black tar paint all over him, and a red bandanna and white tank top, not exactly going for accuracy. The video has been live on Youtube since 2007, with some criticism surfacing on the Worldwide Underground Facebook page in 2017.

MetalSucks points out that the lineup at this point consisted of Plague, guitarists Nick Eash and Nick Piunno (who left in 2015) and drummer Jeff Tenney. Bassist Kevin Grant and keyboardist Chris Cooke were also in the group.

If you do not grasp why blackface is so offensive to black people, here is a history lesson on why the practice is very much looked down upon, and the racist past of blackface.

Winds of Plague have yet to comment on the incident.

The band have been relatively inactive in recent years. Their last release was 2017's Blood of My Enemy.

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