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Did EMMURE Just Admit Their Last Album Sucked?

Emmure have been on the receiving end of some hateorade from yours truly for a while, whether it be that time frontman Frankie Palmeri got electrocuted or that awkward interview I did with him at Mayhem Fest. But this story basically writes itself. 

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The band posted a new teaser stating they'll be heading into the studio in 2014 and will be writing "the best Emmure"

One quote sticks out, other than the interviewer saying the last record "wasn't the best Emmure"

"The last record was a complete mismatch of ideas and things that weren't connecting. We all were so not on the same page and none of us were communicating correctly."

So basically, Frankie is telling fans of the band to not even bother with 2012's Slave to the Game because the band rushed it out to put new product on shelves, but this next album though, this will be Emmure at it's finest. Or am I reading too much into this?

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