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David Ellefson Compares His Sex Tape Scandal To "How Jesus Felt"

After a brief disappearance from social media and interviews, David Ellefson is really talking his way through this sex tape scandal, offering interviews to promote his new project, The Lucid, and answering any and all questions about what went down in his life recently. In a recent interview, he compared his plight to "how Jesus felt."

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 Ellefson was fired from Megadeth back in May after a much-publicized sexual affair surfaced between Ellefson and an unnamed woman, in the form of leaked video chat clips showing Ellefson in a compromising position of self-love.

In a new "That Metal Interview" podcast, Ellefson was asked how he was doing and replied "I'm okay. I just went dark. I took the time to just sort of process it all, heal up from it. I've obviously never had anything quite like that happen to me before. And the fact that it was happening like that was just… I couldn't believe the level of just shittiness of humankind; I just couldn't even believe it, man. I was, like, 'Yeah. All right. Now I…' Not to use a religious reference, but I guess I know how Jesus felt. Carry your cross and then kill him. Shit, we got the wrong guy."

"Not to make it a religious thing, but it's just one of those things, I couldn't even believe it. I'm not gonna lie — I deserve better than that. Which is why I got off social media and I got away from all that stuff. And I was just, like, you know what? I have poured my whole life into my craft and my work and my art and being a performer and entertainer, and no one deserves to be treated like that. That's just absolutely uncalled for on any level."

If I can offer one bit of analysis, without trying to sound too judgemental it's that sometimes, certain things are better left unsaid.

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[via Blabbermouth]

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