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Mustaine Mania


A new bromance has arose in the world of music! Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine revealed something incredibly shocking recently. He's friends with your mom's favorite sax player, Kenny G.!

Mustaine, who has tweeted previously about his respect for Kenny's son, Max and his shredding ability, recently revealed in an interview with Fuse, that he is friends with Max's dad as well…

How do I say this? Kenny is my friend. I'm not a fan of the music that you know that Kenny plays. Kenny is a monster and can shred on his instrument like Yngwie. He can circular breathe, where he can hold a note forever, and just keep playing it and playing it and playing it. And he's very very talented. So we're friends. I respect the guy you're unaware of, because you haven't heard that guy.

Is it me or is Mustaine sort of giving Kenny a backhanded compliment here, acknowledging that he is a great shredder but making it really clear that he is not a fan of the music that Kenny G. releases publicly. He then goes on to tell a story about how Kenny G. called him out a recent concert and how embarrassed he was about it, so much so, that he had to retell the story. Here's the whole video:

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