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BUCKCHERRY's Josh Todd Wants To Front MINOR THREAT Reunion

buckcherry josh todd
Photo: Teresa Sedó

Minor Threat is seminal hardcore band out of Washington, D.C, who are most famous for being the band to start the straight edge movement. Buckcherry is most famous for that song where singer Josh Todd goes "I'm on a plane, with cocaine. And yes, I'm all lit up again."

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But, it turns out Todd was a huge Minor Threat fan growing up, and the 1983 Minor Threat album Out of Step had a huge influence on him.

Todd tells Classic Rock magazine "I was 15 and I felt like an outcast. I was dealing with a lot of dysfunction in my personal life at that time, a lot of adversity at home. I couldn’t trust the men in my life. There was a lot of anger inside of me. So I spent all my time at the record store. I had a crazy independent punk rock collection — and Minor Threat’s Out Of Step was one of them."

Todd still rocks some Minor Threat from time to time and revealed that he even reached out to Threat's Brian Baker to offer his vocal services should Threat frontman Ian MacKaye not want to do it saying “Hey, man, if you ever want to do a Minor Threat tour and Ian doesn’t want to do it, I’ll shave my head and we’ll fucking do it!”

Todd reveals that Baker just laughed it off. I mean, we would too!

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[via Stereogum]

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