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BODY COUNT's ICE T Says He's Lost 8 People to COVID-19, Warns The Virus "Is Not Over"

"This shit is not over."


It seems more and more people in the rock world are coming forward with a similar message – coronavirus is not over yet, and the consequences are very real. Body Count frontman Ice T is the latest to offering the warning, and he speaks from personal experience.

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Ice T wrote on Twitter "FYI: Somebody else I know just died from Covid. That makes 8 people dead that I knew personally.. This shit is not over. Stay safe."

There are many in the music world who have suffered directly or indirectly from the virus. Ozzy Osbourne producer Andrew Watt was the first to go public with his diagnosis earlier in the year. Gary Holt revealed that he, along with some members of Testament and Death Angel were suffering symptoms after returning from a European tour in March. Death Angel drummer Will Carroll ended up in intensive care, but thankfully made it out alive. Other metal musicians diagnosed include Batushka guitarist Krzysztof DrabikowskiCrown The Empire guitarist Brandon Hoover, and a member of Slugdge.

Since then, we've also learned that Maynard James Keenan is still recovering from the after effects of contracting the virus while on tour in February. Keenan has said he is experiencing lung damage many months after kicking the virus.

Yesterday, Behemoth frontman Nergal posted a video message urging friends in Poland and all over the world to wear masks, to protect our friends and family saying "we do not live on a lonely planet."

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In the caption, Nergal noted "Convert anti-maskers to wearing masks reminds me of trying to prove the flatearthers the[y] are wrong.

"My friend @tomasz_organek got sooo much shit from our country mates for publicity promoting the idea of wearing masks. Well… yes, the rules and procedures often make no sense and seem lacking logic, masks must be switched or washed often so it's not intoxicating for those who wear them… the list goes on. But hey, we ALL agreed to halt at red light even if there's no traffic right?

Nergal tries to plea to people's rationality adding "Why not temporarily obey this law so everyone around us can feel a lil comfort in those highly uncomfortable times? So even if u don’t believe the mask will save u from getting a disease wear it as a sign of AWARENESS. Makes sense?"

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