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Bassist Rex Brown Says PANTERA Came "Close" To A Reunion

Brown claims the offers for Pantera are ten times that of the recent Misfits reunion.

Brown claims the offers for Pantera are ten times that of the recent Misfits reunion.

Will there ever be a Pantera reunion? In a new interview with bassist Rex Brown,e he claims the band got real close to a reunion.

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Talks of a Pantera reunion have been on and off for years, with the major issue being the fact that drummer Vinnie Paul hasn't spoken to frontman Phil Anselmo since the death of Vinnie's brother and Pantera guitarist Dimebag Darrell, which Vinnie partially blames Phil for.

In the past, Vinnie Paul has said he'll never reunite for more Pantera stuff, Phil then said that Vinnie is "fucking terrified" of him, and then Phil saying that he feels bad for Vinnie. A few months later, Phil called for a truce, while Vinnie Paul responded by saying that Anselmo tarnished the name of Pantera with Anselmo's actions at Dimebash two years ago,  where Anselmo sieg heiled and shouted "white power" at the top of his lungs.

But it seems all that could be water under the bridge if the right price was offered, and Rex Brown insinuated that everything almost fell into place recently. During an interview with Loudwire.

Brown said that the band has gotten gigantic offers to reunite, claiming they've been offered "ten times" what Riot Fest offered the Misfits to reunite. When Brown was asked how close it came to happening, he responded "Close."

“I’d love to get out there and play those song again,” Brown added. “If everybody else was willing to do it, get us all in a room and get that water underneath the bridge all settled and make some music again, but it would be different, we’d be missing something.” Brown added “I’d get up there and do it for fucking nothing."

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Of course, it should be noted that this is all coming from Rex. Rex has had very little issue with Phil Anselmo over the years. The main hold-out is of course Vinnie Paul, and at the end of the day – it's not up to Rex, it's not up to Phil, they'd do it in a heartbeat. It's up to Vinnie.

Rex is promoting his new solo album, Smoke On This, due out July 28 via eOne.

For now, let's enjoy the last time Phil and Rex got up on stage to do Pantera songs, at the Metal Masters a few years ago:

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