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AXL ROSE Confirms New GUNS N ROSES with SLASH & DUFF McKAGAN Is In The Works, Possibly New AC/DC Too

He also might be working on new stuff with AC/DC

He also might be working on new stuff with AC/DC

Axl Rose might not be having success taking down an unpleasant photo of himself off the internet, but career-wise, he's having a bit of a renaissance. He's out playing with his favorite band, AC/DC, and his main gig, Guns N Roses is about to play to sold out stadiums all over the country and the world. But what does the future hold?

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In a rare interview at the China Exchange, Rose revealed, among other things, that the current iteration of GNR (that includes Slash and Duff McKagan) is working on new material, and he might even work on some new AC/DC too:

“We [Guns N’ Roses] are working on new stuff. I’ve got a lot of stuff together, and I played some stuff for Slash and Duff and they liked it. And Angus and I are talking about working together.”

Axl discussed first reconnecting with Slash:

“Slash and I hadn’t talked in 19 years, and it was a good talk. And I was, like, ‘You wrote a lot of stuff [in your book] that didn’t even happen. It’s not real.'”

And his current relationship with Angus Young:

“I feel protective, I do not want to let this guy down, more than almost anybody I’ve ever met,” Axl says. “And I don’t know why. And he’s very responsive to me. And they said they hadn’t seen him this happy, they hadn’t seen him moving around [so much]. So that’s kind of a neat thing between musicians.”

I can't even imagine what the new GNR or Axl/DC material would even sound like, but what a time to be an Axl Rose fan. Here's the entire interview:

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