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Angus Young Names His Least Favorite AC/DC Song

They can't all be winners.

Putting out hundreds of songs over the years pretty much guarantees there will be a few that you're not too proud of. In an interview with Vulture, AC/DC guitarist Angus Young named the band's 1975 track "Love Song" as his least favorite. Given the song is off AC/DC's debut album High Voltage, it's not too surprising. They were still trying to find their sound!

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"On our first album, High Voltage, we did a love song called 'Love Song'," said Young. "That was very different for us. I didn’t know if we were trying to parody love songs of the time, because Bon [Scott] wrote the lyrics. I don’t even remember what the words are. I remember that song because the guy who worked for us at our record label told us that’s what was on the local radio at the time — very soft music. His thought we should release that song, because it’ll probably get some airplay. I remember thinking, 'Who in their right mind would want this to go out?'

"We were very fortunate, though, because all of the radio stations who had seen us live knew this was not who we were. So these stations started to flip the record over and play the other song, which was a cover of a blues standard called 'Baby, Please Don’t Go.' We actually scored a hit from the B-side! That was the one saving grace of the song."

AC/DC continued their overall winning streak this year with their new album Power Up, which landed at No. 1 on the Billboard Top 200.

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