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AC/DC Asked IGGY POP To Be Their Singer At Some Point

He didn't want it.

Iggy Pop

AC/DC was briefly fronted by Dave Evans upon their inception, and then by the two vocalists they became known for – Bon Scott and Brian Johnson. Though apparently Stooges vocalist Iggy Pop was asked to front the legendary Australian rockers at some point.

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According to Pop in an interview with the New York Times, one of AC/DC's managers asked him to front the band when they were looking for a singer.

"I had some very wonderful encounter with Bon somewhere, and we were both drunk and stoned," said Pop. "I see pictures sometimes. I go, 'I don't remember, but that's me with Bon!' I loved what he did. They had a manager many years ago, when I hadn't re-formed the Stooges, I hadn't moved to England, and this guy said, 'Are you interested in joining AC/DC?' They were looking for a singer."

Pop doesn't give a timeline of when he was asked aside from "when I hadn't re-formed the Stooges" and before he moved to England. The Stooges were founded in 1967 and broke up in 1971, and then got back together in 1972 and broke up again in 1974. The Stooges would eventually reform in 2003 and stick around until 2016. AC/DC was not founded until November 1973.

Though more important than the timeline is the fact that Pop didn't even want the gig because he didn't think he was a good fit. In the same interview, Pop said "I listened to their record. I thought, 'I can’t fill that bill.' I wasn’t like, ugh, I don’t like them. It was quite well made. They do careful work. But I’m not what they needed."

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Still though, can you imagine what an AC/DC record or show would've looked and sounded like with Pop on vocals? Oh, and yes – there's at least one photo of Scott and Pop hanging out in 1977. Who knows if that's the one Pop is referring to, but it looks like fun anyway.

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