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200 STAB WOUNDS' Frontman Explains The Band's Name

It's a lot of stab wounds.

200 Stab Wounds MB
Photo by Alec Basse

Death metal up-and-comers 200 Stab Wounds recently signed to Metal Blade Records and put out their new single "Masters Of Morbidity." But more importantly, what's up with the name 200 Stab Wounds? Why are there exactly 200 of them? In an interview with Heavy New York, 200 Stab Wounds frontman Steve Buhl has the answer.

"It just rolls off the tongue," said Buhl. "It just sounds hard. 100 doesn't sound right, 300 doesn't sound right. So 200."

He continued: "People have said online that we used to be called 117 Stab Wounds and all, [but] that's not true. We've always been 200 Stab Wounds. There's no real significance to that number. It's just something that sounds good. [Guitarist Lance Buckley] came up with the name, and when we put this band together… I remember him telling me [the name 200 Stab Wounds] years ago and I was like 'we should use that because it's perfect' and here we are."

As for the band's lyrical content, just take one look at any of their song titles and you'll get clued in pretty quickly – "Masters Of Morbidity," "Itty Bitty Pieces," and "Skin Milk" come to mind. Though Buhl said 200 Stab Wounds doesn't really have a message other than "have fun" and "create your own story." I also assume "don't actually murder anyone" is a key takeaway.

"There's not really a message at all with our music or our lyrics or anything like that," said Buhl. "It's just mostly stories about random things, so it's not really a message. It's just open to interpretation. Whatever the listener thinks a song is about or what they want it to be about, that's what I like about our music.

"It's not about pushing a certain message or whatever. It's just about having fun, and I guess whatever you take the song as, you can make it your own."

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