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Brought to you by members of Ghost, this record hints at the band that could have been.


Album Review: TID Fix Idé

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Obviously Ghost is experiencing all sorts of drama right now, which leads me to believe that there is some financial incentive behind re-releasing Fix Idé a masterful album from former longtime member Martin Persner's project Tid. A record that is often symphonic, demonic and strangely poppy it's easy to see how Tid  impacted a lot of Persners work in Ghost but simultaneously provides a window into the souls of musicians who might have otherwise gone unnoticed. I think what really charms me about Fix Idé is the records ability to tap into a variety of exciting sounds and use rich arrangements in order to keep the listener entranced. The hints at medieval magic on a track like "Solens Nya Namn" are perfectly counterbalanced by moments of heavy metal brilliance, the best part is that it rarely fels overdone or corny. The depth of vocal styles used only serves to grow the strange enchantments that Tid weave around the listener as they find themselves wound ever deeper in the sonic magic of this band.

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I think that one of the most interesting things about Fix Idé is the way that the band uses a lot of symphonic elements, but tastefully enough that you don't immediately categorize Tid as a mere symphonic metal band. While on the one hand this probably because Tid focus more on occult vibes than symphonic ones it also should be noted that the tracks are elegantly and subtly put together with the choirs balancing against a harsh whispered growl, serving to give the music unique dynamic breadth. There is a sense of forward motion throughout and the way that triumphant chord progressions drive the tracks can't help but to excite. The overall sense of melody is also easy to get lost in. Just look at some of the lead lines, they maximize the ethereal potential of this band and provide a fitting counterbalance to the lush soundscapes that this project uses as its foundation. Though it weighs in at a mere six tracks and under half an hour long, these arrangements are audacious enough to keep your attention for many a spin.

Despite some of the heavier moments, the album really gains breadth when you look at how the variety of styles are incorporated for the release to evolve into something far more grandiose. The way that Fix Idé comes full circle, from the thrilling and bombastic intro to the downtempo goodbye of "Nadir," reminds us of the movement of life and creates an almost cinematic feel for the entire thing. As the story of the album unwinds and you find yourself pulling ever deeper into what Tid have done it becomes easier than ever to be entranced by the dark ruminations found within. I sincerely hope that this project starts to gain traction again with these rereleases now that Persner is out of the band because there is a lot of untapped potential here. As good as this record is I feel like with a fuller production and more time to develop the core ideas, we are going to find ourselves riding a new high of occult metal mastery.

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