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The Dillinger Escape Plan – Plagiarism EP

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For some reason recently, so many bands have taken it upon themselves to put out a lot of cover songs. I really don’t know the reasons, but I tell you, I fucking LOVE it. THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN released a digital EP entitled “Plagiarism” (sold exclusively on iTunes here) which included the single of their highly successful song, “Unretrofied” along with four cover songs and a live version of “The Perfect Design”.

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This EP is an arsenal of awesomeness. The cover of NINE INCH NAILS “Wish” the band totally makes it their own while adding a couple of jazzy sweeps here and there all awhile staying VERY true to the songs origin. On DEP’s cover of SOUNDGARDEN’s “Jesus Christ Pose” (which you can hear on METAL Injection Guerilla Radio’s DEAD ZONE) the band displays the one of the most impressive covers I have ever heard. I know that front man Greg Puciato is an amazing vocalist, but in this song he really lets it all out. At times, he is undistinguishable of Chris Cornell but again, makes it his own. The band performs this song like they wrote it, its just simply amazing. Now, the MASSIVE ATTACK cover of “Angel” is an odd pick for all the energy on this EP but hey, its not horrible…actually, it reminds me of some old FAITH NO MORE and MR. BUNGLE type stuff….but personally, it should have been left out. Luckily, they bring the energy back to a high with their cover of JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE’s “Like I Love You”. I have heard the live performance of this cover when MIKE PATTON was playing with them, you can view that here. ow, I am not a fan of the original song nor performer, however, Patton helped me become a fan of the song so I was very excited to hear how Greg did in the vocal department because I know the band would nail it. There is absolutely no disappointment for the studio recording of this. Greg showed again how diverse he is with his voice. Unfortunately, I haven't the chance to see DEP perform live, but holy shit the live version of "The Perfect Design" is INSANE! The production, performance, sound quality, and PURE ENERGY are at a full peek here with this live incredibly high quality track. It definitely makes me want to make sure I don't miss them the next time they pass through my town.

The "Plagiarism EP" has to be one of the best cover collection I have heard honestly. Not until recently has a well known band actually had enough balls, or be as diverse for that matter, to tackle a release such as this. If you are a fan of The Dillinger Escape Plan, this release is a must for you, as well as for you cover fanatics, I highly recommend any technical/jazzy/aggressive metal fan to pick up this release.
Track Listing:

1. Unretrofied
2. Wish
3. Angel
4. Jesus Christ Pose
5. Like I Love You
6. The Perfect Design (Live)

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