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Welcome Power Trip's Nightmare Logic in all its thrash and hardcore perfection!


Album Review: POWER TRIP Nightmare Logic

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Just two months into 2017 and we get two damn fine crossover treats! While Iron Reagan kicked things off with a whirlwind of fun, Power Trip plans on throwing fists and taking absolutely no shit in their sophomore release Nightmare Logic (Southern Lord). This is some of the slickest fusion between thrash, hardcore and punk I’ve heard in a long time, and makes for a rip roaring blast. Formula never becomes too much throughout Nightmare Logic, allowing Power Trip to deliver on its full frontal assault.

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This is a straight up middle finger to the man and all his bullshit. Lyricism centers around a variety of topics, some such as drug addiction and pharmaceutical industry schemes (“Waiting Around To Die”), to religious corruption (“Crucifixation”). Clear and to the point, the power of the lyrics picks up more with the rising intensity of the instrumentation. Whether it is through trudging guitar progressions, speed driven drum lines, or face tearing solos.

Instrumentally you know right off the bat what you are going to get. As far as all the different sounds that come to play, they are all equally balanced. There are tracks where all the elements blend together, but there are also great moments where songs lean more towards thrash or hardcore, spicing things up. “Soul Sacrifice” has this strong chord progression that builds tension with a marching effect. This surrounds a moderate and choppy composition that creates a great balance in pace. Then in classic speedy fashion there are tracks like “Firing Squad” that take off like a bat out of hell. The drumming is at some of its best in this song as it relentlessly goes off.

If there was one track that really captured more of that hardcore vibe, it would have to be “Ruination”. An evenly paced intro carries a heavy rhythm, holding back all the energy until it lets loose in a frenzy. The rhythm section and upbeat drum pattern release the excitement and drive that make for a mosh fest. Right after that is the flip side with “If Not Us Then Who”, which caters to more of the thrash loving fans. Immediately coming into this track you know it’s going to be a whiplashing rage. At once ecstatic and groovy as all hell, the rhythm to this song is one of the best driving forces of the whole record.

Nightmare Logic is an absolute blast of an album, full of excitement, political rage, and terrific composition. The potential fear in music like this is that you can end up with one song after another that all sounds the same (if everyone is just recklessly thrashing away). This never happens for Power Trip however with their blend of thrash, hardcore, and punk, all coming together to make wholly enjoyable songs. Whether you are looking for something to run around in the pit to, head bang, let loose your rage and throw a chair, Power Trip has got your back. This album covers every aspect of fun and impact, and makes for a goddamn joy.

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Score: 9/10

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