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Oblivion release an excellent blend of death metal in their new record, The Path Towards...


Album Review: OBLIVION The Path Towards…

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Following up from their 2013 debut LP Called To Rise, Oblivion are proud to share their sophomore record The Path Towards… 

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From the moment “Dominion” kicks off, Oblivion takes listeners on a wicked ride. The guitar riffs warm up the material as the blast beats fire off, the vocals growling over the instrumentation. The guitar twists in tone as it speeds away, giving this hectic energy in its shredding. The song slows down, playing into this aura that reeks of doom, but picks up once again, slipping in streaks of melody into the work. The Path Towards… does a terrific job at looping delicious sounds through the ever crushing death metal orchestration, letting loose a vibrant hellish wonder within its pummeling nature. “Mechanistic Hollow” starts out straight forward in glorious death metal fashion, adding moments where melody slides through to really light up the track. And like the previous song, the material takes a moment to dip in the tempo, giving some variety to the structure. These sequences add a sinister tinge to the sound, primarily thanks to a low tone in the guitar riffs.

This isn’t one of those bands that try to toss in a ton of technicality into their work, but maintain a core appeal through their blend of death metal. “Awaiting Autochthon” erupts with a savage roar from the vocals, immediately leading into a ravenous blend of drumming and monstrous bass work. The song exudes a dark and ominous aura through the vocals and instrumentals, the tempo shifting ever-so-slightly to allow for the work to flow. The emotional aspect of the album is pretty consistent, and since there is little inflection in the atmosphere, it makes for the one monotonous aspect of the record. That being said, the variety in structure and styles keeps the material from ever staling out.

“Harsh Awakening” kicks things off with a tense delivery in the guitar tone that rides alongside a wicked beating in the drumming. The guitar shifts in style throughout the run time, all of it coming together to make a killer composition. “It Has Become” begins with a low distortion in the shredding, the drum beat bursting in and building with a hellish energy. This intro rises with tension, the vocals jumping from growls to screams. This tension leads to a welcoming blend of frenzy found through the rampant drumming and melodic guitar playing. The album also includes special guests, such as, Karl Sanders of Nile, and Eddie Hermida of Suicide Silence.

The Path Towards… is an excellent step forward for Oblivion. There are only a few small issues that end up being monotonous, but the overall professionalism the band display in their musicianship help to keep the record constantly delivering with brutal energy. Instead of just slamming away in blind rage, Oblivion introduce small components in each track that help bring a sense of identity to each song. The Path Towards… is not only a solid album from the band, but a promising release that displays how they will continue to grow.

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Also, this album is a part one of two, so keep an eye out for more to come from Oblivion. The Path Towards… comes out this Friday, so you can still pre-order the record here.

Score: 7.5/10

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