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Quick Review: NAILS OF IMPOSITION Surpassing Carbon Decay

Posted by on August 31, 2018 at 2:19 pm

This four-man death metal act from Western Australia will be releasing their second full-length album on August 20, 2018. Since their formation in 2007, Nails of Imposition has triumphed through several lineup changes. Since their last full-length in 2012, Nails of Imposition has signed with Lord of the Sick Recordings, and, in a way, re-branded their look to bring an ultra heavy approach to death metal. This heavy brand of death metal, that could also pass for brutal death metal, is highlighted by its clean and convoluted riffs, crushing, growling vocals, and persistent and complex drumming. No fuzzed out or feedback riddled death metal here, just a clear approach with polished recordings and clips of horror film segments to highlight the gruesome imagery being portrayed.

One of the attributes that stand out is the blended focus of both the technical approach and traditional death metal sound that is combined so seamlessly. There are portions of speed, winding riffs, and churning blast beats with intermittent chugging. This is all done while breaking into portions of more structured death metal that joins the brutal tapestries of frozen carcasses. The structure of many of these tracks contains disarrayed verses that lay a chaotic groundwork. It then branches into a more stable death metal approach. The more traditional song structure is not obvious but lends itself well to the style of music without being predictable or too traditional.

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Surpassing Carbon Decay is not a groundbreaking album, or something new that has to be heard, but it can stand on its own as a quality death metal creation that is not afraid of throwing its sound out there among the thousands of other death metal bands who try trendy effects or extra down-tuned techniques for a heavy sound for the sake of being heavy. Nails of Imposition talent can speak for itself, and in another release or two, this band will be more talked about as their dedication to their sound will likely stand the test of time.

Score: 6/10


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