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In a world where doom reigns, Illimitable Dolor make it even slower.


Album Review: ILLIMITABLE DOLOR Illimitable Dolor

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The global doom metal scene is obviously in a pretty exciting place right now. Bands from every corner of the earth seem to be coming up and doing cool and fascinating new things with the genre. Even the groups who rely on more traditional maxims have brought their songwriting to bold new levels in recent years and created music that plumbs the depths of the human condition. Such is the case with Illimitable Dolor an Australian symphonic doom metal band whose sense of forward motion doesn't stop them from composing elegant ten minute long songs that crunch forward with a sort of deranged majesty and an apocalyptic twist that you can't help but to adore.The funeral doom inspired magic of their dirges and the progressive pump of the drums brings you into a sound world from which there is no escape. From the land down under comes a band whose sound seems fit to guide you on the barge to hell, and it seems like they are only just getting started.

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The beauty of Illimitable Dolor seem to lie somewhere between the worlds of Bell Witch and Caladan Brood. While on the one hand they have Bell Witch's massive melodies and devastating growls (No cleans though) on the other they have rich orchestrations and lush soundscapes. At times it almost feels like these songs could fit on a Summoning album. I know that a lot of my references here are fairly dorky, but that's just how this band is. It's not meant to be entry level doom, but rather the sort of stuff that you stumble upon after an all night YouTube binge. It's the gold at the end of the rainbow, a hidden gem that you can't help but to fall in love with. Illimitable Dolor are a band who understand the sad beauty of doom metal and their top notch songwriting and bellowing bottom end help to cement their place in your psyche as a group who pierce the sadness and provide a way forward. Despite it all, Illimitable Dolor instills the listener with a profound sense of hope.

Maybe I'm biased because this is among my favorite types of music, but I genuinely believe that Illimitable Dolor have tapped into something special here. Through the crunch and occasionally corny synths they've invoked the same elder spirits that bands like Pilgrim so gleefully wield. You find a chance to navigate a world of broken hearts and fallen aparts, surreal creations and twisted kingdoms, fallen towers and crushed dreams. These songs seem to have an almost cosmic scope, as song titles like "Comet Dies Or Shines" which only adds to the magic. Listening to Illimitable Dolor sees the listener getting swept into a unique sonic universe and onto a journey down the River Styx. A band tapped into ancient realms and emotionally devastating poetry, you can't help but to find something in the mix of cheese and existential despair presented here. This is what atmospheric doom is all about, and if this doesn't get you, then I don't know what will.

Score: 9/10

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