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Album Review: GOOD TIGER We Will All Be Gone

Posted by on February 8, 2018 at 1:31 pm

Superband Good Tiger releases their second full-length album entitled We Will All Be Gone on February 9th. It's entertaining to see the direction Good Tiger has gone following up their debut album. This type of music is generally not on my radar, but being familiar with Metal Blade and knowing all their releases are consistently good; I have grown to enjoy the musicianship and music of Good Tiger. Perhaps it rekindles old emotions. Ones tied to bands like Bayside and Amor for Sleep which held a place in my life in the past. In a way, Good Tiger has filled that void where an occasional trip down that memory lane is not as embarrassing. The more efficient and to-the-point Good Tiger leads me to the place I'm looking for—minus the dramatic overtures of 7th-grade angst incorporated in those other acts, of course.

While they remain consistent in their more pop-sounding, alternative rock and more metal-style riffs and effects; their songs have matured greatly. This maturity evolved from a smooth, riff-centric, and meandering groove—powered by an overzealous musical competency—that often felt as if it were a crutch on A Head full of Moon. For We Will All Be Gone, there is a different focus. Not only have all the harsh vocals vanished; the song structures have also shifted their gaze. The fills and transitions no longer distract from the core of the song. In the past, a technical riff or fill would be placed in every corner or anywhere it could fit. A strength in We Will Be All Gone is its more tactful approach and measured use of talent when overloading the listener with technical vibrations.

"Nineteen Grams" is a personal favorite. An upbeat start leads to a groovy stride followed by melodic vocals. A bridge with the energy and power certainly reminiscent of The Fall of Troy, and a conclusion that wraps up this satisfying act. The formation and focus on the track's passage, again, seems to be a strength Good Tiger has really grown into. The song is a confident and shameless journey that is not afraid to dive into hooks that will circle your mind for a long while after.

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Whether or not there is a place for this type of rock/metal in your life; there should be a place for quality composition and this is where Good Tiger's strength lies. I'll pass on the emotional ties this musical generally elicits and go straight for the craftsmanship and soul of their sound. All of this imparts more sentiment than I generally prefer, but it can easily be overlooked for a melodic passage rarely matched. Not an album of the year or even a top 10, but a solid record that I will frequently consume throughout this year when I need to fill my mind with a sublime flow rarely satisfied by other musicians. Good Tiger fills a niche in my life that typically doesn't need to be filled, but does it anyway in a satisfying manner.

Score: 6.5/10

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