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Gheestenland Grim Funeral Split

I like to think that my current themes of humorous raw black metal reviews are going over well, but for all I know, everybody could think it’s incredibly stupid, because no one tells me ANYTHING. I always have to find out for my own god damned self.

GHEESTENLAND is a three man black metal band with Swerc on drums, Schemrz on guitar, and Gheest on vocals. I think this band has finally come to the conclusion that if black metal recordings completely lack bass, why the hell do you even need an extra member playing the damn thing? Well, at least the line-up at says the members play single instruments, but from the looks of the insert, they basically played musical chairs during the recording. If you pay attention, you can hear the difference in the songs. Half of them have pretty clear guitars, the other half have slightly grittier ones. Most of the riffs don’t try and drown you in tremolo picked guitars, but instead prefer to give the listener a steady stabbing with a slower attack. The vocals contain enough distortion and reverb to warrant good use as interrogation tools for the police, although those syths really stick out like a sore thumb. Sounds very elite. Hopefully if I send them an e-mail, I’ll get back a rude response, which is WAY cooler than just simply having them ignore me.

While GHEESTENLAND is mostly on show for this split, with lots more songs that happen to be shorter, GRIM FUNERAL features two intolerably long songs, plus a little extra something in the end just to stick it to you. It’s all buzzing, feedback laden scum. Underneath, I think there’s some instruments being played too. Obviously GRIM FUNERAL wants to make you work at listening to only member Ur Profanum’s songs, so if you want to gain anything nearing “pleasurable” from his recording, you’ll need to earn it. So elite that he shuns MySpace.

Gheestenland at MySpace
Obscure Abhorrence Records

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