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All Shall Perish, Arsis, and The Faceless Metal Maniacs Tour Show Review

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Okay, I know this is a little late, but whateva you are getting it now. On October 29th I saw one of the most incredible shows I have ever witnessed. Now, I have seen some pretty incredible shows; however, none compare to the suprise factor as the METAL MANIACS: ALL SHALL PERISH, ARSIS, and THE FACELESS tour. With just about eight shows left on the tour I have to share my experience anyways.

When we (me and my girlfriend) arrived to the city, we got a little lost. This would happen to be the second time in my life that I would trek through the streets of Orlando. We were pretty early, however, frustrating street construction and invisible street signs made it difficult to find The Backbooth. So, we found a parking garage that we narrowed down to be at least 2 blocks away. Our assumption was correct and a fellow ALL SHALL PERISH t-shirt barring fan directed us to the destination.

Getting into the place was easy and the crowd was fairly small, in the beginning. We soon realized why. The first band, who I might add wasn't on the flyer, MURDER IN THE FIRST opened up with playing a SLIPKNOT cover…then following it with some of the same old chug chug bree bree thing that everyone and their grandmother is doing now. I linked their myspace account for you, so if its your thing have at it. I do have to give it to the vocalist, she is pretty good at what she does. I personally wasn't big on the high screams she did, but her lows were pretty fucking impressive. Oh, also the guitarist liked to flash off his bling bling grill.

After witnessing that for about twenty or so minutes, THE FACELESS got on stage. Now mind you, I have heard only three songs by this band and heard the big hype that surrounds them…and they lived up to their name. The melted off my face leaving me faceless. I couldn't believe the stage presence and the sound of the place couldn't have been any more perfect for them. Watching the band float so smoothly through some of the most amazing time signatures I have ever seen performed live, gave me the chills. My adrenaline was up.

I watched the drummer and the vocalist a majority of the time, being a vocalist myself, I envy great frontmen and while watching them, I learn. Derek Rydquist, is a quite modest man off the stage but a confident POWERFUL vocalist. His timing and tone was perfect. Now, I can't play the drums, but if I were to I'd want to learn from Nick Pierce. The guy is an unknown but will be known. His cymbol work is like WOAH. Finally, the guitarists, particularly Michael Keene. Holy shit. This guy plays like a vetern. Sickening fretwork bro. Finally, the keyboardist. I didn't even know there was one! I couldn't hear him live…I was trying…but I had no luck.

  • Ghost of A Stranger
  • All Dark Graves
  • Oracle of The Onslaught
  • Hypocrisy
  • An Autopsy

That set list includes five of the eight tracks off of their fresh release, "The Akeldama". I highly recommend getting that bad boy.

Next up was ARSIS. I have been waiting for a couple of years to see these boys play…and again, I was blown away. James Malone is (next to Muhammed of Necrophagist) the best guitarist I have witnessed. He was playing the most intricate riffing and rhythms all along while screaming his ass off and keeping the crowds attention. He's another modest man…and pure fucking genius. I spoke with him breifly and complimented him. He was greatful, but very very shy about acknowledging the truth.

The band was tight, which is impressive in itself because the band is a revolving door of amazing musicians. Eyal of DAATH once played for them. Nuff said.

My only disappointment with seeing them live was the crowd wasn't into them at all. I can understand as to why. Someone booked one of the best Melodic Death Metal bands in history up with two of the best Deathcore bands, I guess the followers of the other two don't tread in more genres. I know that I'll go see them again. It just saddens me to know that even though ARSIS is so innovative and talented…and work their asses off…they weren't even acknowledged.

  • Maddening Distain
  • A Diamond For Disease
  • The Cold Resistance
  • Hopeless Truth
  • The Sadistic Motives Behind Brereavement Letters
  • The Face of My Innocence

Finally, ALL SHALL PERISH set foot on the stage, the crowd practially tripled by then as they were all anxiously awating their favorite band. Immediately ripping into a jaw dropping, ear bursting, butthole ripping set which made me gain fan points of like 1,000,000 plus more. The stage presence of the whole band was great. Front man, Eddie Hermida was dead on. He sounds just like he did on the recordings. From each high, to each low, to a pig squeel, and just plain out tearing it up on stage like a frontman should…he did his duty well. The band picked the perfect fit.

Over all the band was simply amazing. One of the guitarists, please forgive me for not knowing your name, but he looked so damn comfortable up there…he even stage dived multiple times. I think he may have hurt someone because I saw him mouth, "Im sorry" while wincing. ALL SHALL PERISH earned and deserve the right to be a headliner. Especially with the song they played last.

But before I get to that, I have to say I was a little pissed that they had to cut out two of their songs, but i was fucking happy to hear them tear through some old and new songs. So, for their final song, Eddie called up James Malone to do a Deathcore version of Judas Priest's "Breaking The Law". Which closed out one of the best shows I have ever seen.

  • Eradication
  • Wage Slaves
  • Laid To Rest
  • No Business To Be Done On A Dead Planet
  • Better Living Through Catastrophy
  • Never Ending War
  • Breaking The Law (Judas Priest Cover)

I spoke with Eddie breifly after he genuiniely accepted thanks and praise from the crowd he annihilated. We were rushed because the venue was set to do a totally seperate event, but Eddie told me how much he enjoyed METAL Injection as he rushed to get the playlist written down for me. Hopefully, we'll get them on the tv show soon.

Thank you to each of these bands for pouring your heart and soul out with each song. You all have gained a dedicated fan. Hopefully, each of you reading this will trust my word and witness perfection by going to see this tour and/or them on another upcoming date.

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