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Album Review: PRIMITIVE MAN and FISTER Split EP 11/29/14

Posted by on January 8, 2015 at 4:03 pm

The coming together of Primitive Man and Fister is akin to asking fire and brimstone to join forces. The pairing is practically obvious but was only really something of a dream. Luckily that dream is like a Disney reality. If Disney were made of depression, anxiety and drug addled anger. Which, sometimes it is (see: Bambi).

Introduction aside, the pairing of Primitve Man and Fister coming together is something of a match made in Hell. Both bands are known for their crushing cynicism and raw sludge/doom slaughter that is reminisce of a rusted, tetanus coated knife.

Both bands bring in about fifteen minutes worth of material. Primitive Man brings three tracks of heavy, tree-toppling hatred, ripe with feedback screams like the dull, dry crack of wet wood. Ethan Lee McCarthy (Clinging to the Trees of a Forest Fire, Vermin Womb, Death of Self) has helped devise some of the most savage bands of the last ten years. Those that have heard Scorn or Primitive Man's split with Hexis, Xaphan or Hessianb know what they're in store for here. Blazing, blunted sludge with a merciless eye.

Primitive Man screeches in with “Lifetime” their shortest offering at just under four minutes. And between the the three songs, Primitive Man hardly picks up the pace. “4330” has a kick at the end but Primitive Man trudges forth instead with boots heavy enough to kick through concrete slabs. Guitars moan more than they wail as McCarthy's deep screams and growls ripple with the riffs. The songs are baked and slow, but also raw and stripped to the bone. All set to lyrics like: “A grave for your future/A grave for your fucking offspring/Dig/You piece of shit.”

Fister has been showing no mercy since 2009. The blackened doom/sludge unit has put out two full lengths (Bronsonic and Gemini) as well as a several splits (Good Friday, Violence). Fister is known for their sonic brutality and vicious vocals. But also for their moody as hell drone that could make walls weep blood.

Fister bring a fusion of sludge and doom through their two tracks. Their first offering “Life is Short, Life is Shit, and Soon it Will be Over” takes a more aggressive edge. The main riff is punchy and the rabid screaming is frenzied and hopeless. The dejection and aggression bring balance to the fold. Fister stabs with somewhat more rapid hatred. Though “Flail” brings a much sterner clam as well. The nine-minute track comes down like a caffeine low and brings things to a melodic chug.

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There is no light that burns through these tracks. No hope, joy or celebrations to be had other than the merciless swing of the ax that both bands take to their tunes. Both Fister and Primitive Man brought their darkest game to this split. Fister give us a brief moment of melody but this is ultimately a crusher of a record. It spits blood on its enemies and laughs at the futility of life, counting all the miserable failures. It's aware of what it is, and it's damn good at being what it is.


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