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Album Review: NITE Voices of the Kronian Moon

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The blackened NWOBHM trend shows no signs of slowing down, pushing the genre more and more into the forefront. Nite's sinister sophomore effort, Voices of the Kronian Moon, is a particular brand of blackened heavy metal that stands out from the crowd, both in their musicianship and their unmistakable vocals. 

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Track by track, this album feels almost seamless as it carries the listener through the 38-minute run time. It is an album that is easy to get lost in given how very fluid and engaging it is. There is, of course, the unmistakable NWOBHM influences in the guitars, but this album takes heavy metal to some very dark places, with both doom and black metal elements and psychedelic nuances throughout. 

Opening track "Acheron" starts with an incredibly hooky melody that grabs the listener from the first seconds, before shifting into the otherworldly vocals of Van Labrakis. "Kronian Moon" feels almost danceable, with an interesting bounce to it, adding an interesting element of light to this very dark album.

"Last Scorpion" introduces some twists and turns with layered riffs and melody. It creates an impact without being overbearing to the listener and the very melodic bassline adds an extra punch. The vocals, as they are throughout the album, are pure darkness. "Liber Ex Doctrina" breaks up the album nicely, with a slow and somber opening. It is a nice mid-point track with an undeniably hooky chorus and those lovely psychedelic nuances throughout. It feels almost plummeting in its doom vibes, delving deeper into the darkness. 

“Heliopolis” brings things back up with its fist pumping beat. “Edge of the Night” is a highlight with its galloping feel and solid atmosphere. This song feels, again, very otherworldly, but more like the listener is charging through the Netherrealm with abandon. “Thorns” continues the spacey feel bringing back more psychedelic elements to it. Album closer “The Trident” feels the most sinister with well placed harmonics and chugging rhythm. Even the solo creates a sense of unease and anxiety. This track is the soundtrack of running from some water demon and an excellent way to finish off the album.

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Voices of The Kronian moon is a very straightforward album that embraces its simplicity without being boring or feeling incomplete. Nite do what they do and they do it very well. The production is very warm and adds a “vintage” feel without sounding outdated or flat. The music creates a nice ebb and flow through each track, adding movement and layers, while the vocals, in a nice juxtaposition feel oppressive, menacing and inhuman, as if they are being recorded through the veil from another plane. Everything down to the artwork fuels this otherworldly ambiance for an undeniably solid addition to the blackened heavy metal catalog. 

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