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Album Review: ENABLER All Hail The Void

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One of the latest releases from the seemingly unstoppable Southern Lord Records machine is Enabler's new album, All Hail The Void. Enjoying previous short releases from the Milwaukee quartet, I had no doubt I'd like the new full length, but there was no way to predict it would be an immediate contender as a favorite of 2012. The word "favorite" isn't something I throw around loosely. I even held my review of the record for several weeks to ensure it's not some state of post-show drunk euphoria, but a genuine appreciation of a colossal 2nd full length from a very deserving band.

All Hail The Void has all the elements I personally look for in new age brutal hardcore including a winning combination of groove, melody, phrasing, tone and angst. Part crust, part D-beat, and all pissed off, it only takes a moment to realize this band has an unconventional approach to writing catchy riffs. This becomes especially illustrated on tracks like "Speechless" where you find yourself grooving along despite it's constant sudden shifts. With a collective history inside the roster including the likes of Dead To Fall, Trap Them, Shai Hulud, Today is The Day, The Damned Things and even Fall Out Boy, Enabler proves to be a solid unit of seasoned veterans with something to say.

I caught the band in NY earlier this month as part of the Black Breath, Martydod, Burning Love tour and they killed it. Check out Frank Huang's video channel for a peak at their set, or head over to the band's bandcamp page where you can stream/buy selections off All Hail The Void.

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