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Posted by on October 28, 2015 at 4:03 pm

Spanning two monstrous EPs, and now, finally, an LP, it's a shame that I haven't gotten to Philadelphia, PA's grind heathens Die Choking sooner. The band has been one to build themselves upon riff after riff of disjointed, immense, stark heaviness and grating insanity. And if it hasn't somehow become more infectious to grind heads out there, perhaps we can make its accessibility the case for that.

Let's make no bones about this. Die Choking have already told us twice that they have little interest in tuning out their ADHD riffage (in a world that's oddly developed an extensive attention disorder via amp worship and doom), and only care about making fast, abrasive music. Consider that mission accomplished three times now. But not in the terms that Die Choking are some sort of Frozen Corpse Stuffed With Dope. Far be it. Die Choking may actually be the version of Phobia the world has never seen.

Punker than punk and oft heavier than hell, III is the kind of album that exercises its convictions in a surprising fashion. At least for those that may have not heard the band before. Those that have a perchance for throwing the “mathcore” label on shit in an effort to feel like they're better at counting than others, might be found here and there around Die Choking. Truth be told, the band never once sounds like they're interested in going Dillinger Escape Plan on your ass. Riffs are treated on an interest basis. And once that expires they move on without thinking twice. For those that have the 4/4 ears, yeah, this can sound like calculating Pi at times. But that's not the idea. Stop and look past the math bullshit. Joshua Cohen (drums, also of Cop Problem), Paul Herzog (bass/vocals, also ex-Total Fucking Destruction), and Jeff Daniels (guitar, also of Burden) clearly don't give a shit about that.

The band has a more sinister approach. There's a science to each song, yes, but is there a single moment that the band gives a fuck? Hell no. III is a maniacal slaying machine that has little room for relenting Oh, but perhaps you've heard there's been a slight change in the sound. Die Choking has decided to go the route injecting something else besides savage punk/grind into their sound. Here and there you'll find the band also dashes moments of sludge into the thirteen minute expose of destruction. The track “Leave it to Them” is a sludgy enough experience that actually gives the listener a small breathing window (a little over half the song). Does it make Die Choking more interesting? It doesn't keep them from killing it any less.

What makes Die Choking such an interesting band to listen to is two things: their insane riffage/drumming and their ability to never be boring. Band after band can write albums that have a billion riffs in them but how often do they really grab you and make you listen? Die Choking have a talent for writing song after song that's actually interesting. Hell, the first track “Millerem” goes through a pelthora of riffs and killer drum blasts, all while Herzog's voice shouts and screams over the madness. By the time it's over nothing feels safe.

If you like grind, there's no reason you should skip out on Die Choking. The album is an incredible melding of the punkest side of Phobia with incredible assault of a Brutal Truth album. III is an insane full length debut from an already incredibly destructive grind force. There's no reason, and at this point, no excuse as to why you shouldn't be listening to this.

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