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The Underground Bands You May Have Missed in October


As part of our monthly underground round up, let's check out some of the best from smaller bands we've featured on the site this past October!


If you're looking for all the greatest things about classic heavy metal, look no further than New York's Tower. Melodic, fierce, catchy, and bombastic, you're out of reasons to not check out their new EP Tomorrow and Yesterday


Featuring members of Type O Negative, Agnostic Front and more, you owe it to yourself to check out these veterans in Silvertomb who just released their debut album. The track "Right Of Passage" might be one of my favorites found on the album, and probably most reminiscent of the Type O side of their sound!


Wilderun are one of those bands that makes their music feel so effortlessly epic that you can't help but get sucked in, such is the case with their track release for "The Tyranny Of Imagination". The only effort you do need, is to smash that play button, so get on it!

Holy Serpent

Australia's Holy Serpent bring a wall of sound you'd expect from a serious doom band, but add an emotional and melodic flavor you don't normally hear in a band like this. One listen to their track "Lord Deceptor" conjures the feels I'm talking about on their new album Endless, that was released in October. Check it out!


We think APOTHEUS has quickly become one of the most promising names in Portuguese metal, and their latest album The Far Star is an all new benchmark for progressive and dynamics in their sound you should be checking out.


Left Behind released a new track titled "Outside The Body" that hits like a ten ton hammer to the pinky toe, in other words- a pain that really lingers to the point you forget a time you didn't have it in your life. Check out the track and grab their album before it crushes the rest of you!


DAY OF ERRORS is the new outfit featuring Bill Ward, the legendary ex- Black Sabbath drummer and their latest offering "Dark" is all sorts of gloom and doom you can use in your life this Autumn!


The Philadelphia-based grind-core wrecking crew Die Choking released a new album, titled IV, and it is a chock full of beat downs you're going to love if you're a fan of the genre!


The german thrash greats, Sodom, are back with an all new onslaught and their latest track "Down On Your Knees" is an instant classic that reminds us why old is always new again!

Lindsay Schoolcraft

Cradle of Filth keyboardist and vocalist Lindsay Schoolcraft released her debut solo album Martyr on October 7 and it's filled with catchy tunes that'll be sure to get stuck in your head. Check out her video for "Savior" and grab the album while ya can.


Hailing from Brazil, Depressed brings back that classic death metal battering you've been yearning for. Checking out their track release for "Blame It On Hate" and grab the upcoming new album to be released later this month!

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