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Album Review: DARK TRANQUILLITY Construct

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Dark Tranquillity's Construct is one of those records where the singles are a little bit a of a misrepresentation of the record. "The Science of Noise" seems like an awesome afterthought of the We are the Void Record and "Uniformity" simply doesn't represent the records tonality. The singles are great, but the record as a whole just plain kicks ass.

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For all the Dark Tranquillity fans that have been following the band long enough to know what I'm saying here, let me offer this comparison; Construct is everything done right on the Fiction album with the mindset of We are the Void without so many keyboard patches. The album offers a really wide variety of sounds that ought to appeal to just about anyone looking for a really great listen through. How eclectic? Well…

Let's just look at three tracks that follow each other and realize not only how well they flow into each other, but just how damn awesome they are as songs. Track four is "The Silence In Between" that's a bit of a slow-burner standard melodic death metal song that builds up to a chorus that might as well be an anthem. Resistance to sing along is futile, and even the riffs are going to get caught in your head.

Next up is "Apathetic," which is going to kick you straight in the dick from the get go and not let up until it goes half-time. Not even in that "hey, it's a chorus let's make it half time" kind of way, but in a really terrifying way where the vocals also growl and whisper to your simultaneously… and then proceed to thrash your face off with more fast playing and guitar solos.

Then comes easily one of my favorite tracks from the album, "What Only You Know". The song is chock-full of clean vocals, choirs, and lots of major key-type stuff. If an action movie needed a song where everything was blowing up and the protagonist was about to do some serious hero shit, this is the song that would be playing. Everything about it is amazing; it's essentially a poppy approach to the Dark Tranquillity sound and it just works so damn well.

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Dark Tranquillity absolutely nailed it with Construct. It's the culmination of sounds they've been growing for years now. Each prior release might have had that one identifiable trait throughout that could describe the record, but Construct is simply an amalgam of interesting riffs and sounds that compliment each other nicely and change it up constantly. If there's a record to be listening to by the band, it's this.

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