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The Art Of The Heavy Metal T-Shirt

Heavy metal fashions come and go, hell some things can be seen as major fashion faux pas; whatever be the case most can agree that the t-shirt (90% of the time being black) is the de facto staple of metal shows. I have called into question the credibility of people who force the issue with over the top vests, patches, buttons and the high tops circa 1986; these things are really from another time period and metal as a whole; while remaining partially the same, has changed a great deal.

The Art Of The Heavy Metal T-Shirt

Pretty sure underneath these patches are rhinestones that read "Disco Stu"

What a hodgepodge of clashing (mostly awesome) styles, but sometimes less is more and the heavy metal t-shirt can set you apart from the crowd if it is worn well. Why declare for so many different bands at once, when it can be made clear that your choice of band fits well with the show that you are attending? I am a short haired non-moshing version of a metal head so I am clearly missing something if this doesn't make sense to me. Here are some examples of shirts that fit certain shows like a glove.

High On Fire – T-shirt Worn: Black Sabbath

Why not wear a Black Sabbath shirt any day of the week? Let alone at a stoner/doom show which it was.

H2O – T-Shirt Worn: Discharge

Discharge is a staple mixture of hardcore punk and thrashing heavy metal thus a great choice, however punk audiences tend to not acknowledge metal as much as metal heads acknowledge punk, their problem as nobody knew what the shirt meant.

3 Inches Of Blood – T-Shirt Worn: Voivod.

What better to respect a great Canadian metal band than by bringing up one of the best bands that has ever come from that country? Cam Pipes was also very impressed by the love for the Quebecois quartet.

These are just a few examples to set yourself apart from the crowd and make a name for yourself. What are some of your own examples that made your darkest black t-shirt that much brighter on a particular day?

For now, much respect to these guys:

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Don't worry, there are overpriced Black Sabbath, Motorhead, and Black Flag t-shirts too!


The same shirt, minus Bieber logo, goes for $17 at Hot Topic.