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RIP a Livecast

RIP a Livecast #303 – Jew Homework

We kicked this week's Livecast off with a discussion about the new Slayer track, "When The Stillness Comes." Noa and Jake talked about their recent trip to Puerto Rico. We got a call from our listener, Daanish, who asked us to help him with his Jewish Studies homework. In hour two, we got advice from Steve Harvey and got some very important tips on washing our genitals and answered this week's question of week, If every musician was forced to retire and you could only save one from retiring, who would it be?

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Here's this week's playlist:

Emigrate – Hypothetical
Capharnaum – Perpetuate Catatonia
Carach Angren – There's No Place Like Home

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Our question of the week:
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"What musician or band do you want to keep touring but stop making new albums?"

Leave a voicemail below with your answer and we may air it on next week's show:

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