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SLIPKNOT, DEAD CROSS, HEAVEN'S GATE & More Added To The Commute Playlist

Plus Thoughtcrimes, Acephalix, and Strigoi!

Slipknot 2022
Photo by Jonathan Weiner

No matter if you're commuting to work an hour away, or commuting from your bed to the home office, we can all agree that getting up and dealing with those first groggy hours sucks. We're here to make it suck less with our ongoing playlist The Commute, which brings you all the best new metal every Monday morning. The concept behind the Commute in terms of inclusion of artists is simple – all releases from each artist are represented by one single. So if you've got a new album and an EP, you're on there twice (etc.). The reasoning behind this is to include as many artists for you to discover as possible without overloading the playlist. Enjoy!

This week's edition of The Commute features new music from Slipknot and Dead Cross, the new band Heaven's Gate featuring Paul Mazurkiewicz (Cannibal Corpse) and Tony Foresta (Municipal Waste), and some solid underground death metal from Acephalix. Enjoy!

  1. "The Dying Song (Time To Sing)" by Slipknot, from their upcoming album The End, So Far due out September 30.
  2. "Reign Of Error" by Dead Cross, from their upcoming album II due out October 28.
  3. "Keyhole Romance" by Thoughtcrimes, from their upcoming album Altered Pasts due out August 26.
  4. "Jerusalem Syndrome" by Heaven's Gate, which so far is a standalone single.
  5. "Abyssal" by Acephalix, from their upcoming album Theothanatology due out September 30.
  6. "Hollow" by Strigoi, from their upcoming album Viscera due out September 30.

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