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Matthew Castleman's Unsettled Quarantine Playlist

Featuring Judas Priest, Slayer, Cirith Ungol, Green Lung, and more!


The world’s an unfamiliar chaotic mess right now, like somebody picked it up and shook it. We could use some structure, a little pleasing symmetry and the reassurance of classical forms and elegant numbers. It doesn’t get more classical than a three-act structure, each act composed of three pieces, all coming together into the beautiful number nine.

We start off unsettled, then quickly fall into frenzy as the depth of the calamity hits us like a Greyhound with a texting driver. Then the vault that our home’s become shuts and we finally find a moment to breathe. Only that moment stretches and stretches until we can’t see either end of it anymore. Our escape from panic becomes its own cage of dull dread.

But eventually the world finds ways to start moving again. We pick ourselves up, brush off the Cup Noodles dust, and we keep life moving. Hopefully as the summer gets into full bloom, we’ll be able to take our first steps back into the world.

Thanks for listening, take care of each other in whatever fashion you’re able, and please take care of yourself. Stay fed, keep dreaming, and play metal. And Doom Eternal. It’s awesome, there’s this part where… sorry. Take care. Love to all of you.

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