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Best of 2012

Jeffrey's Top 12 Photos of 2012

We also asked our photographer Jeffrey Chan to submit his favorite photographs of the year. Here is his list…

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Throughout 2012, I was able to photograph a good number of metal shows that came through Toronto. It is always good to know that bands from around the world have not forgotten their friends up in the Great White North during the North American leg of their tours. Bands and musicians always strive to put on exceptional shows for their fans night after night. As a photographer, I strive to capture the moment and the energy of the musicians playing their hearts out for all their fans who attended or could not make it to the show.

For those of you who have checked out some of my photos, I hope that many of you have enjoyed them. Here are my 12 of my favorite photos (in no particular order) that I shot this year:

Chad Grey/Vinnie Paul, Hell Yeah
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Let's start off with an action shot (at the top of the page). Who doesn't love jumps and stage dives? Here's Chad Grey getting 6 feet of air off of Vinnie Paul's drum risers, hell yeah!

Alexi Laiho/Janne Warman, Children of Bodom

Jeffrey's Top 12 Photos of 2012
Children of Bodom always puts on an excellent live show with lots of energy and strings of never ending guitar solos. This shot of Alexi Lahio and Janne Warman, captured the perfect moment of the two shredding and leading each other through a blazing solo.

Phil Demmel, Machine Head

Jeffrey's Top 12 Photos of 2012
This shot has got the perfect lighting capturing the moment as Phil Demmel fiercely ripping through his guitar solo during "Aesthetics of Hate". In case you didn't know, Machine Head puts on a fucking kick-ass show every time.

Rob Flynn, Machine Head

Jeffrey's Top 12 Photos of 2012
In relation to a Machine Head gig, we got Rob Flynn shredding a guitar solo in a sea of fire. I mean, how often do we see someone do that?

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Joey Belladonna/Frank Bello, Anthrax

Jeffrey's Top 12 Photos of 2012
Anthrax has been touring non-stop around the world ever since they welcomed Joey Belladonna back to the band. This shot of captures a great moment on stage between Joey Belladonna screaming his heart out, while Frank Bello is laying down the thrash grooves.


Jeffrey's Top 12 Photos of 2012
I always loved this shot of Michael Poulsen and company from Volbeat enjoying themselves on stage. You know you're in for a great time when the band is enjoying every moment of it. Currently playing with them is their hired gun, Hank Shermann from Mercyful Fate, holding down on the lead guitar position.

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