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Our favorite late night heavy metal talk show, Two Minutes To Late Night, is something we've talked about numerous times. Despite their hilarious antics,...

br00tal Comedy

Metal's favorite talk show, Two Minutes To Late Night, returns with the long awaited hilarious second episode! This edition features Gwarsenio Hall interviewing Baroness' John Baizley...


There were a lot of laughs between myself and this episode's guest, Jordan, aka Gwarsenio Hall from Two Minutes to Late Night. Jordan talks...

This show is just something else, man.

br00tal Comedy

NYC creative studio Mrs. Woman shot a pilot in late 2015 for Two Minutes to Late Night – the only heavy metal late night talk show. The pilot...

Show Recap

Featuring Slipknot, Meshuggah, Lamb Of God, In Flames, Gwar, Vended, Baroness, and more!


An interview with Hanno Klänhardt, and how he had a rough go of things.


"A Night At The Nordic House is a long overdue live release from Týr, and one their fans will definitely want to check out."

Back in the Day

The footage of Ozzy taped for use by Entertainment Tonight was shot in early December of 1981 (not 1982 as the video notes). Ozz...

Aquanet Fix

Rob Halford has always had a soft spot in his heart for Phoenix. In the early 80s, (as detailed in chapter ten of his...


Although Mushroomhead has had many lineup changes over their career, this most recent rendition is easily the most crucial shift as founding vocalist Jeffrey...

Metal In The Mainstream

TWO! MINUTES! TO LATE NIGHT (with Seth Meyers, all this week)!


I'll let you guess what bands these two cover.


Strap yourself down for first track to be released from the upcoming THE BODY & FULL OF HELL collaborative album.


Two years ago Tribulation were making a big fish/small pond play at greatness courtesy the (no offense) stunted distribution of Invictus Productions. Proving that...


It's always exciting when two people with a lot of money get pissed at each other over very trivial circumstances. Such is the case...


ABC's Martin Bashir interviews ICPDid this really happen? ICP, who we might be giving just a bit too much publicity to these days, seem...

Weekly Injection

Plus releases from Abysmal Dawn, Mass Worship, Persefone, Vorga, and Two Minutes To Late Night.