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WILL FERRELL & CHAD SMITH Challenge METALLICA's Lars Ulrich to A Drum Off

"The gauntlet is down."

"The gauntlet is down."

We're assuming you've seen the hysterical drum off that happened a few weeks ago between comedian Will Ferrell and Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith, right? It was all in good fun and raised a lot of money for the charities Cancer for College and Little Kids Rock.

Now, they are setting their sights on a rematch, but with an additional party. In a new interview with Spin magazine, they said they want to challenge another look alike:

Will, you told Rolling Stone that you thought this could be "a rivalry that will go on until the end of time." Do you have any other plans together?

Will: I mean, we did talk about another drum-off. With a third person that looks eerily similar to Chad and I. A third drummer out there.

Chad: I think it's — did we talk about Lars?

Will: We talked about Lars [Ulrich], from Metallica. So, I don't know.

Have you heard anything back from him?

Will: Your article will be the first mentioning of it.

Chad: This is a scoop!

Will: Lars gets pissed because he gets mistaken for both me and Chad Smith. He can settle that score now, too.

Chad: There it is. The gauntlet is down.

Besides the fact that I don't see any sort of resemblance between Chad, Will and Lars, there is quite a height differential between the taller Chad and Will and the much shorter Lars. Either way, this could be another fun way to drum up (pun very much intended) some more cash for charity, so we are all for it!

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