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Longtime Listener Leaves Seattle Rock Radio Station $10 Million In Her Will

All we know is that her name was Suzanne.

All we know is that her name was Suzanne.

Radio stations and print media are essentially in the same boat these days – hanging on to some degree. Seattle alternative radio rock station 90.3 KEXP, however, is doing exponentially better than they were thanks to a $10 million donation from a woman named Suzanne.

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According to The Seattle Times, Suzanne was known to the KEXP staff, and had told Director Of Development Betsy Troutman that she would be leaving the station some money in her will. Troutman says Suzanne was young, and that she didn't think Suzanne would have passed on while Troutman was still working there. Unfortunately Suzanne has passed, and Troutman says she's beyond grateful for the donation.

"I was shocked and started crying. The thought that she would do this is mind-blowing to me … It changes our whole landscape. I still get goose bumps every time I think about it."

The bulk of the money will be stashed away in a longtime reserve to benefit local education programs based around music, services for emerging artists, and outreach activities. Executive Director Tom Mara tells The Seattle Times that the station will honor her spirit "by applying those funds to directly supporting artists as well."

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