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GODSMACK Drummer Isn't Sure METALLICA's New Single Would Be As Popular If It Wasn't Them

Both bands have new singles out.

Shannon Larkin

Call it good fortune or bad luck, but the latest Godsmack single "Surrender" has been heating up the charts alongside rock titans Metallica's new single "Lux Aeterna." While the two bands share some scant similarities—mostly of the generational and continental geography kind—the most thing they have in common these days are new LPs on the way after some time away from the spotlight. Metallica will be releasing their new LP 72 Seasons on April 14, while Godsmack's new LP, Lighting Up the Sky, will be available everywhere in February 24.

But while chatting with the 2020'd podcast, Godsmack drummer Shannon Larkin had an interesting take on both singles duking it out (sort of) on the rock radio charts.

"In the real world, Metallica are the rightful heirs to the No. 1 slot in hard rock," said Larkin. "They deserve to be No. 1. I listened to the song… I was, like, 'Wow.' It's kind of an earworm. I get it. And it sounds like Motorhead… James [Hetfield] sang pretty high in that chorus. I was, like, 'Wow.' … I think it sounds fantastic. I heard it on the radio. I was, like, 'Wow.'"

As for Godsmack's new jam, Larkin shared that, "This is the first single, 'Surrender', that I've ever said, 'This is a No. 1 hit at rock radio. We've got it.'" Which is cool for Godsmack, who have confirmed Lighting Up the Sky will be their last LP.

Oddly, however, Larkin then started down a peculiar path. "The Metallica song is pretty… It's heavy. It's old-school Metallica. And our song is more like radio rock — it's a high-energy radio rock song.… I didn't write either song, so I can sit back… I'm in the band — Godsmack — but I can look at it objectively, and I think "Surrender," it's more rock than metal, and the Metallica song is metal.

It sounds like a lot of hair-splitting if you ask me, and no disrespect to Godsmack, but they're not Metallica, even on their best day. But Larkin digs in even further.

"If that was some new band with the song 'Lux Aeterna'… Here they are, 'Soda Can,' whatever the band is. And this is their new song, 'Lux Aeterna.' That shit wouldn't be No. 2. It might not even make the Top 40. Who knows?" Larkin hypothesized. "Even if it's a great song. A great song, great hook, like I said. But since it's Metallica, they can do that at radio and put out a song that sounds like Motorhead, basically — double bass and all that. That's some '80s shit. They can do it 'cause they ruled in the '80s."

In the 80s? That's it? Look, folks… let's just be glad there's rock music to be proud of and leave it at that. And on one final note, which are some words to wise for all rock and metal bands: Don't put a single out at the same time as Metallica.

You can watch the full interview with Larkin below.

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