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Dave Grohl Reveals Pre-Show Drinking Ritual; Chugs More In One Night Than Most Do In A Month



As we mentioned yesterday, when noting what a great tipper he is, Grohl is the coolest motherfucker in music. He's taken on the Westboro Baptist Church, gets in mosh pits for Metallica, breaks his leg mid-show and keeps going and even tops fans' beers off from stage.

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And speaking of beers, Grohl was recently interviewed with drummer Taylor Hawkins on 95.5 KLOS, and was asked about his pre-showing drinking, and man, does this dude know how to pound 'em:

Interviewer: A few minutes before you go on, maybe you have a ritual. Ten, fifteen minutes before. What are you doing in that period? Is it Jager? What are getting ready to go on the stage and liquored up?

Dave Grohl: One Hour before the show. Really? Should I tell people how to do it?

Taylor Hawkins: Not how to do it. How you do it.

Dave Grohl: “Kids, stay in school, don’t do drugs…

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“An hour and a half before the gig, I take three Advil. An hour before the gig, I have a Coors Light. About 50 minutes before the gig, I hit my first Jag [Jägermeister], finish the Coors Light, get another Coors Light going.

“Now there’s a bunch of people around, so I’m throwing shots at everybody and I’m taking shots with everyone in the room. The next Coors Light is down, I got a cold one.

“Now it’s about maybe 20 minutes before going on. I’ve had three or four shots of Jäger and three Coors Lights. Then they sort of clear the room and we get 15 minutes to ourselves…

“This is bad! This is how I’ve spent every night of the last year and a half. That’s why I’m not scared of the Lord. I’ve seen worse.

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“So then like 15 minutes before, we’re like, ‘We need our privacy,’ which is such bullshit. We totally don’t.

“So then, it’s all of us and I feel guilty because I’m the only one who’s been doing the shots of the Jag so I start feeding shots of Jag to the rest of the band who are all drinking white wine and champagne and whatever.

“So I’m pounding them with Jag but I have to take them [the shots] with them so now I’m five or six shots in. And it’s like, it’s time to walk to the stage so I crack another beer just to have a cold one as I walk up and I pick up the bottle and drink the last inch of the Jag!”

Now, I am more of a toker than a drinker, but that seems like a shit-ton of Jager to be drinking. Also, I always assumed people stopped drinking Jager after they turned like 25 or something, but I guess I am completely off.

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Also, Coors Light? I guess the criticism that it's basically water works in Dave's favor here because it just means he can pound more of them.

When I go out drinking nowadays, I wake up with the shittiest hangover, and have for all of my thirties – I can only imagine how fun Dave's mornings must be. Then again, he's probably used to them and just makes more pots.

[via MetalSucks]

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