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Canadian Metalhead Says Sponsoring Refugees "The Most Metal Thing I've Ever Done"

A feel-good story.

Today, Canada's CBC posted an incredibly heartwarming article about Tyler Berglund, a self-identified metalhead and owner of heavy metal club The Doors Pub. But that's not exactly why he was profiled.

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He was profiled because he sponsored a family of Syrian refugees to make their way over to Canada. Berglund, who identifies as an atheist says he was moved to contribute "because of the luxuries we have in Canada."

Gol Bahar Muslim Hamo, her husband and two children first fleed to Lebanon, trying to escape ISIS militants. They stayed for years in a refugee camp and then got the opportunity to come to Cananda.

As for the metal, Muslim Hamo says "It didn't create any barrier."

Berglund noted the Syrian family were open to everything and the family even enjoyed a video Berglund once posted of Dimmu Borgir. "There's potential for metal heads and for punk rockers to get involved in this," Berglund said of sponsorship.

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Asked how he would describe his actions, Berglund said "The first way is it's the most metal thing I've ever done, and then more specifically, to people who aren't in the metal community, I'd say it's the most meaningful thing I've ever done."

Read the whole article here.

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