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We're All Doomed By The New BESVARJSELSEN Record!

Fusing doom metal with touches of classic rock and folk, Besvärjelsen prove on their new record, 'Frost,' that they are in a league of their own.


Besvärjelsen is a dynamic doom metal band emerging from Sweden. Signed to Blues Funeral Recordings, these Swedes' roots are in the doom and stoner scene. Still, there is something to be said for their ability to bring in touches of folk, classic rock and much more. As the band approach the Friday release of their record, Frost it is our honor to premiere it here for you.

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The band stepped up on this record in a way that they only hinted at on previous offerings. Besvärjelsen have been able to fuse their diverse array of influences. It makes for something tangible and powerful. Frost is an addictive listen and one that routinely hints at what more this music can be. In a world where so many detractors say that doom metal is oversaturated, Besvärjelsen step up to the plate with a sound that is wholly their own. Tastefully executed and continually hinting at more, Frost is the record that these guys needed to put out. Here they distance themselves from the pack and show they have something more to bring to the table.

The band had this to say:

To us, Frost is a step forward both sonically and in terms of songwriting. Diverse, emotional, smooth and heavy. There wasn’t a concept planned but when you write over a short period of time, there’s going to be some sort of red line going through it all. Lea wrote all the lyrics and the songs are about all kinds of relationships with other people and beautiful disasters among other things. Some parts were old poems and scrap notes that Lea had, the rest she wrote from scratch and made it fit together.

Jam it now:

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Pre-order the record here.

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