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Watching Varg Vikernes Perform BURZUM Playthroughs is Oddly Mesmerizing

This is as close to seeing Burzum live as you're gonna get!

This is as close to seeing Burzum live as you're gonna get!

Varg Vikernes has plenty of free time on his hands what with being under house-arrest after being charged with inciting racial hatred. So, with all that free time on his hands, Varg decided to do what any self-respecting 15 year old with a webcam would do. Film videos of himself playing guitar!

More specifically, he created some Burzum playthrough videos, which one Redditor heralded "as close to seeing Burzum live as we'll ever get."

These videos are great for a few reasons. As MetalSucks points out, Varg has plenty of money for assault rifles, but no money for a proper amp, which is odd seeing as he plays metal.

Also, of all the fonts in the known universe, Varg choses Papyrus, quite possibly, the ugliest font known to man (yes, much worse than Comic Sans). Beyond that, he seems to feel the need to explain every little detail of the playthrough with massive font-size to the point that he's almost obscuring his playing with all the passages. But enough chatter, here are the videos…

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