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WARREL DANE To Perform NEVERMORE Classic Album In Full Without NEVERMORE

A few weeks ago, former Nevermore frontman and current frontman of the reactivated Sanctuary, Warrel Dane hinted that he will soon be playing the Nevermore classic, Dead Heart In A Dead World. We wondered out loud if that meant he'll be reuniting with Jeff Loomis and company to perform it.

Today, we got our answer and the answer is no. Dale was interviewed by "That Drummer Guy" and revealed that he played the album in Brazil with his solo band there and plans to take them to Europe:

"I did that in Brazil with the band I have down there. And some European promoter guy saw some of the YouTube videos and found out I was doing that and wanted to bring it over there. [So I was like], 'Okay. Fine with me.' People went fucking apeshit in Brazil when I did that. It was crazy! Sometimes they were singing the words so loud that I could not even hear myself on stage. Brazilian fans are very into it — to the tenth power. They're crazy.

"[The musicians in my Brazilian band] are all very good, and they can play the shit perfect. It's gonna be fun.

"When Nevermore was all still playing together, we always talked about doing the whole 'Dead Heart' record at some point. The first time I went to Brazil and did a solo tour, I was playing mainly solo songs from my solo record and a couple of Nevermore songs and a couple of Sanctuary songs, and people were always, like, 'are you ever gonna do 'Dead Heart In a Dead World', the whole thing? You've gotta do it. Please! People wanna hear it. I've heard that so many times down there. And I think it's the right time to do it, because it is fifteen years old. I can't believe that record is freakin' fifteen years old. It seems like yesterday to me. Time flies when you're getting old. [Laughs]"

I had no idea Warrel did this in Brazil, but there is footage to back up these claims. I don't recognize any of these musicians. Do you?

As we've posted before, Nevermore is likely never reuniting.

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