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VOLUMES Is Refunding Fans After Vocalist Gus Farias Never Delivered On Guest Spots

"These arrangements were not organized by the band, label or management, but by Gus himself without our full knowledge."

"These arrangements were not organized by the band, label or management, but by Gus himself without our full knowledge."

Volumes vocalist Gus Farias hasn't been in the limelight for the best of things lately. First, he went on a bit of a Twitter rampage against former Volumes vocalist Michael Barr in all caps, all of which has been taken down and replaced with these two tweets.

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Unfortunately, Farias hasn't quite escaped the public eye, as he's not under accusations that he's ripped fans off for guest vocal spots.

One fan took to Facebook to chronicle what happened to him, and yet another one told RockFeed that he paid Farias $300 for a guest spot he never received.

“Hey all so just wanted to give a heads up. I gave Gus from Volumes $200 in January 2016 for a vocal feature on one of my tracks he agreed to do. He literally had from February to June to do a really short feature. He had the song and all the info.

“Naturally, he became harder and harder to contact over time, and started lying to me about doing the track. At least 3 separate times he told me he was in the studio doing it, once even telling me he was ‘sending it to me,’ and at points after that asked me to send him the song again to do it.

“After June I started asking for my money back. Me in all my naivety and being hopeful to get him on a track, agreed a few different times to doing a future song. We eventually agreed to a plan where he’d give me half back until I got a new track for him.

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“I obviously gave him way too many chances. Hit him up a few times since then, went to hit him up yesterday and see that he blocked me on Facebook. Of course he’s not answering my texts either and his phone goes straight to voicemail.

“Long story short, he completely played me for my money when I was nothing but patient with him (for way too long). He’s posted statuses asking people for money for vocal features at least three times since he took mine.

“Do NOT give Gus any money and don’t even contact him about a vocal feature. If you saw his recent Twitter blow up you know something strange is going on with him.

“Don’t fall into the same trap. I have no idea what to do from here but I’m going to get my money eventually.

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“Oh yeah, I have hundreds of texts and Facebook messages, along with PayPal receipt, as proof.”

Volumes has since said it would refund fans their money if they were ripped off by Farias, and that all his guest spots were not set up through the band, the band's label, or management.

“We have been made aware that Gus made some arrangements with some bands to do guest vocals for compensation. We are also being made aware that these cases, guest vocals apparently were not done. These arrangements were not organized by the band, label or management, but by Gus himself without our full knowledge.

If you have arranged for vocals to be done and did not receive them, please email [email protected] with your details and we will refund you immediately via PayPal or Venmo.

The entire band sincerely apologizes for this.”

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Woof. Here's hoping all this gets resolved and Farias can keep himself out of trouble. Also, didn't a situation exactly like this just happen with Asking Alexandria?

[via MetalSucks]

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