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VIO-LENCE Has Two Songs For Reunion EP, Refuses To Put Out Crappy Music

"It's gotta be better, it's gotta be fucking kick-ass."


Vio-lence reunited in 2019 a little while after guitarist Phil Demmel left Machine Head the year prior. The band played some shows celebrating their 1988 record Eternal Nightmare and recently signed to Metal Blade for a reunion EP. Demmel said to Zetro's Toxic Vault in a recent interview that Vio-Lence has two songs done, has ideas for two more, and absolutely refuses to put out crap.

"We've got two songs done. We've got ideas for two more. I come up with the riffs. But Perry's there while we're structuring. He took some time off from playing, and he's now getting to a point to where, especially last week at practice, to where now he's going off of muscle memory again and he's not having to think about . He's better when he doesn't have to think about stuff."

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"Not really. We've been talking with the people at Metal Blade. When [the songs are] ready, they're ready. This [coronavirus pandemic] has given us more time. But still, it's gotta be fucking killer. I had a riff that the dudes were kind of digging, and I'm all, 'I don't got a boner with this one.' I want a 10-foot boner with everything that we're doing now. It's gotta be better, it's gotta be fucking kick-ass, and there's parts of it that wasn't… I don't wanna put out some crap."

Vio-Lence is currently the Eternal Nightmare lineup, with the exception of guitarist Bobby Gustafson (ex-Overkill) replacing guitarist Robb Flynn (Machine Head). The new Vio-Lence EP is expected in 2021 and will be the band's first new material since their 1993 record Nothing to Gain.

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