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VEIL OF MAYA Planning On Dropping A "Feminine" New Record This Year

Where have we heard this before…

Where have we heard this before...

Veil of Maya's new record is slowly becoming the Time II of Sumerian Records. Back in September of 2013 the band said they were in the studio, and by October they said they had recorded an EP's worth of material ready to be released. Hooray!

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They even dropped a new jam titled "Subject Zero" that same month, so we knew they weren't kidding.

Even as recently as May of this year the band has been teasing us with new material… yet we've still got nothing. Forget the Wintersun reference- this is Gojira's Sea Shepard EP all over again, but I'm pretty sure Veil of Maya didn't have their hard drive crash.

So what the hell? Loudwire wondered the same in a recent interview. Frontman Brandon Butler says the record will definitely be out this year and the band doesn't want to rush it. Totally respectable! You want to put out a product that's a solid reflection on you as an artist. Then Okubo says something really interesting.

"It’s more feminine than we’ve every sounded before. That’s the theme, actually, we’re trying to go for very feminine. It still sounds like us, for sure. It’s just very polished and an accessible version of us."

I'm extremely curious to hear how Okubo is defining "feminine" as a sound for the new record. He also mentions that "Subject Zero" is kind of anomaly on the record and the whole album doesn't sound exactly like that.

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Anyway, new Veil of Maya will be out sometime 2019.


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