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Type Anything Into This Website And It Will Make A Drum Beat Out Of it

Yeah, pretty much exactly what the headline says. You just type words into and it makes them into beats! I know that sounds super simple and like you'll probably only spend a few minutes on the site, but trust me you're going to waste the next 20 minutes or more of your life hearing sentences. To get your started, here's a handy key provided by Dangerous Minds… the bastards who basically made productivity obsolete for me right now.

a: click with a slight rattle, like rattan brushes
b: closed hihat
c: distored synth bass with rattle, like tambourine
d: distored synth bass higher pitch and muted
e: muted synth bass
f: sizzle ride hit like crash
g: maracas
h: muted maracas
i: afuche-cabasa
j: synth snare
k: deeper snare
l: castanets
m/n: tap on closed hihat – maybe striking the hardware?
o: booming tonal bass
p: half muted tonal bass
q: muted bass
r: very muted, blockish bass
s: synth splash
t: agogo bell
u: guiro upstroke
v: guiro downstroke
w: tambourine
x: snare
y: synth snare
z: concert bass
non-alpha: rest
(): beat = 1/3 – note: triplets will begin on the letter before the first open paren, it modifies the space before, not after, each note

So what sentences sound best? Tell us in the comments section!

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