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TUSKAR Will Thrust You 'Into The Sea' of Nuclear Sludge

Posted by on November 21, 2019 at 5:56 pm

Seriously, what is it about the UK that breeds so much damn good sludge and doom metal? Whatever it is, metalheads should be thankful for it. One band that's relatively new to the scene but is causing a lot of buzz in the underground is "nuclear sludge" duo Tuskar. For being only two dudes, these guys are absolute bulldozer musicians who manage to fill their songs with tons of dynamics.

Earlier this month, they released their third EP The Monolith Sessions through Riff Rock Records, containing three devastatingly heavy new tracks captured live by Steve Sears at Monolith Studios. The band has released a video for one of the cuts, "Into the Sea," which can be viewed below.

The video gives a good taste of why these guys are quickly becoming known for their live shows. The song itself is top quality sludge filled to the brim with ugly riffs and trudging grooves. Apparently, this video was filmed on one of the UK's hottest days in recent memory, which I'm sure added to the ferocity of the performance. Tuskar guitarist Tim Dimmock commented on the recording of the video:

It was great working with Steve Sears. He worked quickly and was able to capture how we sound live accurately but if we learned anything, it's to never film a video in a basement at the height of summer. It sucks.

To listen to more Tuskar (which you definitely should), check out their Bandcamp page.

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