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TUOMAS HOLOPAINEN Says Next NIGHTWISH Album Will Feature "Major Surprises"

Sooner rather than later… hopefully.

Nightwish 2022
Photo by Jeremy Saffer

It feels like Nightwish has been teasing some new material for what seems like forever, but in a recent interview with Metal Hammer, keyboardist and main songwriter Tuomas Holopainen added a little background to what will be their forthcoming LP—a possible indication the album may finally be on it's way.

"I immediately knew after getting [Endless Forms Most Beautiful] done that, 'Okay, we have to do more songs about this, because there's so much more to explore and tell the world. We're not done with this.'," Holopainen said. "And the same thing happened after Human. :II: Nature.; we're still not done. So let's do one more. At least one more. In a way, [the next album] is the third part of a trilogy, which started with Endless Forms… and then Human. :II: Nature. There are some major surprises there again, but it feels like a natural continuation to Human. :II: Nature."

Holopainen continued saying, "The wonderful thing is that we have had the demo [of the album] done since last spring. So it's been done for six months now. We really have all the time in the world to go through it all, and we have had a such great time with the band, just listening to the demo in our hotel rooms — me singing the lyrics and the melodies to Floor [Jansen, vocalist]. She's recording them and then she's seeing them and throwing ideas to each other."

Holopainen had recently said that the record would likely come out in 2024, but with all the progress that's been made, maybe that's a conservative guess? Who really knows. Though, one thing we are glad to report, however, is that vocalist Floor Jansen is currently cancer free, after a battle with breast cancer earlier this fall.

"Great news! I am cancer free," said Jansen in a tweet. "The surgery took everything cancerous out and it hasn’t spread! I'll get local radiation therapy in February to make sure everything stays out.

"I'm getting my energy back after the surgery and feel a huge relief to know it was successful! I’m not back to a 100% but I have no doubt the shows will give me the power push I need to rock with all of you on the upcoming European tour. Thank you for your amazing support and well wishes."

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