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TRIVIUM's Paolo Gregoletto Explains Why He Went After ALL THAT REMAINS' Phil Labonte

They're not exactly buds.

They're not exactly buds.

All That Remains "vocalist" Phil Labonte recently appeared on Info Wars to talk with Milo Yiannopoulos. The interview was about as filled with facts and intelligent discussion as you'd expect, and Trivium bassist Paolo Gregoletto took to Twitter to voice his dissent over Labonte's appearance. This turned pretty quickly into a Twitter feud as most things do in 2018, which also involved God Forbid's Doc Coyle and a short video by Labonte.

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Now Gregoletto has spoken to Metal Wani about the whole situation and pretty much slams Labonte. Gregoletto says Labonte isn't using his limelight for anything good, and that new bands on the scene who actually work to put out good music deserve the attention, "not the people that don't give a shit, don't put any effort into their craft or music, have given up on it or given up on the genre but wanna use it when it's convenient to them."

"I generally don't dive into stuff like that, and I really don't care about the content of any of the interview or what was said — it's irrelevant."

"It's something I felt that needed to be said and said by someone in a band, because it's usually just maybe fans saying something back, and it's kind of easy to bat that stuff down."

"For us, this genre is all about bringing up new bands, bringing up good stuff, and I feel like that sort of shit really overshadows what matters, which is good music, good players, good vocalists, people that deserve a chance to be heard. And we're about empowering that, and the attention-grabbing stuff takes away from all of that.

And when you don't do your actual job good, and you're using it as an attention-seeking thing, I think it's fucking stupid. And if that's what you wanna get out of this, fine, but I wanna drag it back to new bands, I wanna drag it back to better bands, the bands that never get any attention, because it's always sucked into the bullshit of people like that. The bands that we're bringing out, I want people to know those bands, because they give a shit — they're busting their ass.

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And they deserve the attention — not the people that don't give a shit, don't put any effort into their craft or music, have given up on it or given up on the genre but wanna use it when it's convenient to them."

"That was really all it was about it. It was sort of me being, like, 'I don't really care. I think I'm gonna break the seal here, which is stepping back down from the fray, or into the fray.' I don't like to be a drama, attention seeker, but if that's what it's gonna take to maybe force people to kind of think about other things — like I said, new bands, bands that try hard — then it is what it is.

But at the end of the day, what matters is our music, our touring, focusing on that. That's why it didn't go anywhere else past those two days. It is what it is. Everyone has their views on how that was or what it achieved. But it is what it is. And it's nice to just be able to say what you think and not always pretend that everything is great and stay silent when you don't really need to be or want to be."

Labonte still refuses to actually debate Metal Injection live on air because I guess arguments are scary when you can't hide behind a video and people who agree with you.

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In related news, Trivium released a music video for "Beyond Oblivion"

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